Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So, what's the deal with this Shakeology stuff anyway??

What is Shakeology? 

Shakeology is a full meal replacement that includes more than 70 natural, nutritious ingredients.  Although, there's not actually anything in Shakeology that is going to "make" you lose weight, it's packed full of things that will help improve your nutrition!    Let's see if I can break down just how much nutrition you're getting.   ONE serving of Shakeology would be the same as eating... 

A bowl of exotic fruit (including GOJI and ACAI)
4 Cups of Raw Broccoli
7 Whole Carrots
10 Cups of Raw Cauliflower
3 Cups of Romaine Lettuce
4 Cups of uncooked Mushrooms                    
3 Raw Onions
1 Cup of Peas
4 Cups of Red Radishes
4 Cups of Nonfat Yogurt
AND... a shot of wheat grass
(Which comes to roughly $42 per serving)
 ------ OR -------
Would you rather have 1 delicious chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry shake?
(Which comes to roughly $4 per serving)

I think you already know my choice!  :)

Why do I drink Shakeology?? 

If you ask a handful of people you'll probably get a handful of reason as to why or why not you should drink Shakeology.  All I can tell you is what it has done and will continue to do for ME! 
The answer is really pretty simple... When I drink it I just feel better! :) That's the truth. There's been a couple times when I didn't drink it for 4 or 5 days in a row and when I do that I just feel BLAH, I guess you could say.   I'll be honest, when I first started drinking it (May 2014) I was skeptical but after drinking it continuously for a few weeks or so I could tell a huge difference!  I have more energy, I have less cravings,  my digestion has dramatically changed, my skin just feels better, and I may be jinxing myself by saying this but I haven't had more than a sniffle since I started drinking it!
The biggest objection, about Shakeology, I hear is "It's too expensive!".   Yes, I know it's pretty expensive stuff and there's all kinds of shakes that out there that are 'cheaper', BUT if it's helping me get/stay healthier, in a natural way, it's well worth the extra $$ to me!  :) 

PLEASE don't take my word for it, I mean I absolutely LOVE this stuff, BUT if you are interested in do your own research first!! If you want more facts about Shakeology take a look here: http://www.shakeology.com/en_US/?sn=brigitb86

If you truly are interested in Shakeology, but still can't get past the $$ issue or are just curious ask me how you can qualify for a 25% discount!  :)  AND as always, if you have ANY questions at all feel free to ask by commenting below or emailing me at brigitblank@gmail.com!! I'll answer any of your questions to the best of my ability!   Have a great day!!

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