Saturday, May 30, 2015

June Challeges!!


1. 30 Day Ab/Love Handle Challenge - I will check in with everyone periodically to see how you're doing... this will help you stay accountable to get the workouts done each day.  If you're interested comment below and I'll get you added to the group extra support! :)

2. 30 Fitness Challenge - Anyone who already has a full fitness program or maybe you're interested in starting one is welcome to this group!  There will be LOTS of motivation/support, some healthy recipes, and prizes!!  Comment below if you're interested in joining!

3. 21 Day Fix Challenge - If you have 21 Day Fix and need a little extra support to get thru the workouts OR maybe you're interested in purchasing 21 Day Fix this is the group for you!  LOTs of motivation, tips, 21 days of recipes, and prizes!! Comment below if you're interested in joining!

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