Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Think you can and you WILL!

As I was thumbing thru "SHAPE" fitness magazine I came across an article about something I talk about all the time on my Facebook page and I believe to be 100% accurate!!   Here's a few tid-bits of the article!

Think Strong, Be Strong

 "There's such thing as fitness self-esteem, an you want it because having this mental strength may help get you a better body, a new study revealed."
"A group of women, ages 18-30, with similar BMIs, and who did comparable amounts of exercise each week... they found that those who thought of themselves as fit and strong were able to run a little longer and lift a little heavier weights than those less self-assured."
"Truly believing that you CAN accomplish a physical task that takes endurance and strength allows you not to be afraid to put in more effort."

This all falls hand in hand with "Think positive things and positive things WILL happen", I have said that over and over again thru the past months. If you need a fitness confidence boost start with something small, like... raise the incline of your treadmill a notch, or tighten the resistance on your spin bike, or use a slightly heavier weight next time.  Starting out with these small "wins" will help you drastically with your confidence!!   Now get to work and let us know what confident boosters you're going to try!  :)

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