Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to "Eat Out" Responsibly

Let's face it, in today's world we are all either eat out OR are tempted to eat out EVERYDAY!  So,  when we do "have to" eat out, how can we make it as healthy as possible??   Here's a few ideas that might help.  :)  

1. Do you homework

Most restaurant have their menu available online. If you know where you will be eating at check the menu ahead of time for healthy options.  :)

2. Eat before you go out.

Make it a point to have a small healthy snack shortly before you head out. ** Pairing a protein & a carb as a snack will keep you from  over eating or feeling the need to have appetizers.

3. Tell the waiter your order first

IF you make it a point to give your order before someone else in your party orders you won't feel the urge to change your option after hearing what others are ordering. 

4. Avoid condiments, if possible

If you absolutely can't do with out Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ, ect it's not going to make or break you but if you are looking for the healthiest option maybe try mustard instead. 

5. Pick your sides wisely

Veggies are always the best option of course. But if you're going to do a potato choose baked instead of mashed and hold the toppings or ask for light butter only.

6. Drink more responsibly

Water is ALWAYS the best option of course, but if you're going to have something like soda or alcohol just take it easy.  Sip it slowly, so you are asking for multiple refills (drinking all your calories) before you even starting eating.

7. Take LEFTOVERS home

Just know that it is OK if you don't eat ALL of the food on your plate.  Chances are the portion size for the meal is WAY more than you would (or should) normally allow yourself. So if you only eat half of that steak or plate of pasta it is ok to take the leftovers home!

~~~ I hope those tips helped at least a little bit!  If you have any other suggestions on how to make eating out healthier feel free to comment below!! I'd love to hear your opinions. :) 

June Special - 21 Day Fix

I know some of you look at this a roll your eyes but I can't help but share... THIS is honestly too good of a deal to pass up!!! There's only 3 MORE DAYS to get this amazing deal, and then it will be gone for six months at least ...
I know you've probably heard me talk about how much I absolutely LOVE 21 Day Fix, so I guess I should probably show you WHY, right?! This pic shows the progress of my coach Kenna after 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix. One of my current challengers shared her progress pics with me the other day too... She's been doing the program for 3 months now and has lost 40lbs so far!!! Another started last week and is down 7lbs already!! I can not stress how life changing this program can be, if you stick with it! I don't care what anyone says, you can workout as much as you want, but if you're not fueling your body with the right kind of food it's a lost cause.
ANYONE can benefit from this program. I have seen women of all different shapes, sizes, and fitness levels buy this program, follow it and see things happen with their body that they never dreamed possible. It's such an easy plan to follow and totally change the way you think about eating.:)
We've got another challenge group start again Monday!! I get so excited, for these girls, at the beginning of EVERY group because I know what this program CAN DO. If you are interested in giving it a try NOW is the perfect time because there's a huge deal on 21DF Challenge Packs until the end of June and everyone that orders by June 30th will be entered to win Autumn's new cookbook!!
I'm starting to accept people for my next challenge group already and only have limited spot available!!
Interested? Comment with your email address or message me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Yes! I know I'm far from being in "perfect" shape and I know these pics are awful... I get so freakn nervous and cringe at the thought of posting these type of pics. But I thought I needed to share.... so here goes. 🙊🙈😰 Excuse me while I go throw up now....
I've been feeling very defeated, a lot, lately. I feel like I have not had any progress in months and was beginning to wonder if it was all still worth it. After thinking long and hard about it I've decided that YES it is worth it all. My progress may not be happening as fast as I'd like it to and I have no one but myself to blame for that.
I came acrossed this pic taken a year ago and decided I'd compare it to what I look like today. I've got BIG, HUGE, SCARY goals set for myself so I'm not even close to where I eventually want to be yet. But I am proud of how far I've come. I am so thankful that I made the decision to reach out to @KennaShell when I did!! Just think if I wouldn't have started 1 year ago I would not be where I am today... if I'm honest I'd probably be heavier and more miserable than I was in this before pic.
For the past 2 weeks I've made a huge change in the way I've been eating (with the exception of a few days, I'm going to pretend didnt happen 😉) And as of this morning I was down 9lbs!! I finally feel like I'm back in the game and now I WANT TO HELP YOU GET THERE TOO! Maybe you're where I was a year ago. Maybe you're where I am today. OR maybe you're on a totally different scale. If you are ready to start shedding pounds I will be starting a nutrtition test group July6th! There will be requirements and you must be serious!! I know the ladies in this group will be blown away by their own results.... so why couldn't that be you?? I'm no different than any one of you so what's holding you back?? Comment below, PM me, or feel free to email me at for more details! I can only accept a few more people for this round :)
*****IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!! *****
‪#‎neverEVERgiveup‬ ‪#‎pushyourself‬ ‪#‎believeinyourself‬

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Feel comfortable in YOUR own skin!

It doesn't matter what size your jeans are, what the scales says, or even what others think of you...All that matters is that you're confident in your own skin. :) I'm getting a little more comfortable and confident every day. :)
If you are already comfortable & confident in you're own skin, THAT'S GREAT!! And definitely something to be proud of!!

But if you're like me and aren't quite there yet, with your health/fitness, ask me how I can help!
I will be hosting 4 different online challenges in July (some paid/some free). If you think you might be interested and are willing to invest in yourself comment "Details please" below, PM me, or shoot me an email and I will get you the info. :)

"The best project you'll ever work on in, why not invest in it?!"

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting back on track and finishing 2015 STRONG!

So, I just realized... We are ALREADY half way thru 2015!  Can you believe it??!  Where does time go?   BE HONEST!!  How many of you are still sticking to your New Year's Resolution??  .....Yea, me either.  BUT don't worry we can still finish the last half of 2015 with a BANG!! 

Here's some tips and tricks to help finish 2015 STRONG:

1.  Schedule your workouts

Treat your workout sessions just like any other business/school/Doctor appointment meetings you have.   I personally schedule my workouts for first thing in the morning.... Yes that means I have to wake up a little earlier but it what works best for me.  :)  The less your schedule gets moved around the less likely you'll be to skip your workout.

2. Publicly tell people what you are doing

For example, post your workout on social media.  It may sounds strange, but if you post these things as an accountability thing, it makes you start thing your being watched and you won't want to "fail" in front of others, right?!    If you don't feel comfortable telling your FB friends/family what you're doing just yet there are all kinds of private FB fitness groups you can join!  My personal favorite is    Request to join if you'd like!  I'd love to help you stay accountable and motivated to reach your goals!

3. Find YOUR "WHY"

Your WHY is what's going to push you thru the tough times.  They say "find a why that makes you cry." Because when you attach emotion to your goals you are 10 times more likely to make them happen.    This may take some thinking... you have to look past the mirror and ask yourself "What do I really want, deep down?".     So let's say your goals is to lose 20 pounds. Ok, great!  BUT WHY?? and whatever that answer is... BUT WHY?? Repeat this a few times until you unravel your ultimate WHY.   This can be a powerful thing, be ready to hit the ground running when you discover your real 'why'.  

4. Set small monthly goals

It is so much easier to stick to something if you don't have 1 HUGE goal hanging over your head.  Start slow with small, achievable goals.  So let's say you want to lose 30lbs by the end of the year.... Set a small goal of 5 pounds a month. Chances are you'll surpass that small goal and feel so much better!   Your goals doesn't even haven have to be about weight loss, maybe you are trying to become a runner and your goals is to run 5 min longer each month.  It's always good to have the big goals in the back of your mind but you can't focus on them or you will get frustrated.

5. Find the right place to workout

Where do you feel happiest and more alive when you're working out?   It could be the gym, outside, or even your living room or bedroom. Oddly enough, the "right" space can boost your energy and performance.

6. Make a game out of it

Competition has a way of getting us reeved up and excited to push ourselves.  Studies show that you push yourself harder when you're competing with someone else.  That's one of the reasons why we do these "Challenge Groups" with our workout programs, sometimes there's $$ prices and other times the prize is in just knowing you finished strong.  But a little friendly competition won't hurt anyone.

7. Keep a Journal of you progress

Write down how you did when you first did a certain workout, then every time you do that same workout keep record of how you do.  You will slowly start seeing progress and that will motivate you to push harder each time.  So, whether you're running, lifting, or doing random workout DVDs keep a record of what you're doing.

8. Give yourself a break!

Being hard on yourself is counterproductive and will NOT get you anywhere!  We all make mistakes, have set backs, or feel like we aren't good enough... you just have to get up, dust yourself off, and try again.   Working out and eating healthy is HARD. period.  Just keep telling yourself 'I CAN DO THIS'.  Stay positive. Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend or family member. Encourage yourself, don't put yourself down.   

9. Believe in YOU 

 My favorite quote is "Whether you think you can or you think you can't... you're right!" Visualize what you're going to look like when you reach your goal, how you're going to feel, what compliments you will be getting from others.  Believing you can do it is half that battle, once you've got that down nothing can stop you!

10.  Reward Yourself

Focus on those small goals or positive happenings AND reward yourself for them!  I know, when I first started, my biggest mistake was thinking reward = food, which I guess it can be sometimes, BUT you should also think of other ways to reward yourself... like maybe if you lose those first 5lbs you treat yourself to a mani/pedi or a new pair of workout clothes, etc.  Focus on what you DID accomplish rather than what you didn't.  If you can do that than every day will feel like a win!

I hope those tips/tricks gave you some ideas on how to get back on track with your new years resolutions!!  If you have any questions about any of these suggests or would just like some help getting started comment below!  I'd be happy to help you get started or even get finished on your fitness journey!   

Saturday, June 6, 2015

French Toast Pancakes

I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't think I was going to like these... The cottage cheese kind of grossed me out, but I decided to give them a try and they are actually pretty good AND the kids liked them too!! :)
French Toast Pancakes (21 DAY FIX APPROVED)
•1 cup egg whites (6-7 eggs)
•1 cup fat free cottage cheese
•1 cup oats
•1 tbsp cinnamon
•1-2 tsp stevia
•1 tsp vanilla extract
1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth (about 30 seconds)
2. Pour onto a lightly greased (I used olive oil) griddle or griddle pan
3. Cook until lightly brown on both sides
4. Drizzle with 1 tsp of 100% pure maple syrup
Makes 10-12 pancakes
Serving Size: 3-4 pancakes...
21-Day Fix Portion (per serving): 1½ red, 1 yellow

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shredded Chicken Sloppy Joes

Shredded Chicken Sloppy Joes

1.5 lbs of Chicken Breast
1 carrot
A pinch of onion powder
1/2 large onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
 A couple shakes of garlic powder
1 tbsp of red wine vinegar
1 tbsp of Worcestershire Sauce
2 cups of tomato sauce
2 tbsp of tomato paste
Buns, pitas or wraps for sloppy joe

Place chicken breast in crockpot. Dice your red pepper, onion, carrots and garlic. Throw them in with the chicken. Add red wine vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste and sauce. Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours.  Shred the chicken once it's cooked all the way thru and let it marinate in the sauce for a few minutes. . Scoop onto pita, bun, or wrap and ENJOY!