Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to "Eat Out" Responsibly

Let's face it, in today's world we are all either eat out OR are tempted to eat out EVERYDAY!  So,  when we do "have to" eat out, how can we make it as healthy as possible??   Here's a few ideas that might help.  :)  

1. Do you homework

Most restaurant have their menu available online. If you know where you will be eating at check the menu ahead of time for healthy options.  :)

2. Eat before you go out.

Make it a point to have a small healthy snack shortly before you head out. ** Pairing a protein & a carb as a snack will keep you from  over eating or feeling the need to have appetizers.

3. Tell the waiter your order first

IF you make it a point to give your order before someone else in your party orders you won't feel the urge to change your option after hearing what others are ordering. 

4. Avoid condiments, if possible

If you absolutely can't do with out Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ, ect it's not going to make or break you but if you are looking for the healthiest option maybe try mustard instead. 

5. Pick your sides wisely

Veggies are always the best option of course. But if you're going to do a potato choose baked instead of mashed and hold the toppings or ask for light butter only.

6. Drink more responsibly

Water is ALWAYS the best option of course, but if you're going to have something like soda or alcohol just take it easy.  Sip it slowly, so you are asking for multiple refills (drinking all your calories) before you even starting eating.

7. Take LEFTOVERS home

Just know that it is OK if you don't eat ALL of the food on your plate.  Chances are the portion size for the meal is WAY more than you would (or should) normally allow yourself. So if you only eat half of that steak or plate of pasta it is ok to take the leftovers home!

~~~ I hope those tips helped at least a little bit!  If you have any other suggestions on how to make eating out healthier feel free to comment below!! I'd love to hear your opinions. :) 

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