Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's about progress NOT perfection

Focus on progress not perfection... Because, really... What is perfection anyway??

Am I in perfect shape??  NO
Have I made as much progress as I thought I would have in a year?? NO
Do I think I'm a picture perfect portrait of health?? ABSOLUTELY NOT
Do I make all the right choices all the time?? NOPE
Am I going to let all of these things stop me from moving forward?? HELL NO!!

Am I ok with not being perfect?? Yes, I'm not even sure what "perfect" is.
Will I continue to push myself towards my goals??  YEP
Am I proud of how far I've come in a little over a year??  HELL YES!!
Am I willing to help others with their fitness goals! ABSOLUTELY!!

I may not in "perfect" shape or make the best decisions all the time... BUT I'm ok with that.  I'm not a nutrition expert or physical trainer or athletic competitor, I just a wife and a mom who wants to improve my personal health and the health of my family.  So, YES I'm fine with not being perfect!  As long as I know I'm moving (even if it's very slowly) towards where I eventually want to be I'm good! I am here to show you, YOU don't have to be perfect either.  If you want my help getting started I am here! I don't expect you to be perfect, you've just got to be willing to TRY! :) 

As I'm writing this the Jessie J song "Masterpiece" is playing in my head. Lol!

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