Thursday, August 20, 2015

Septemeber Booty & Abs Challenge

Who's up for a FREE September Challenge??!!   Join me for a 30 Day BOOTY & ABS Challenge for the month of SEPTEMBER and tone your booty and sculpt your midsection! I could ALWAYS use some extra motivation and I know you could too!! So, let’s do it together!!

This 30 day abs challenge has different exercises which you will have to complete each day, and the time spent doing the exercises slowly increases day by day to help you build up your core body muscle strength and glute strength gradually, ensuring you are able to complete the final day of the challenge easily. No weights required for this challenge, and you can do this literally anywhere!

The 30 day booty & abs challenge will help target all muscles of your abs to improve your overall core strength as well as target all angles of the booty to make a fuller, tighter, more round shape.

Since fitness truly is 80% nutrition, this free challenge will also include FREE HEATLHY EATING RECIPES & TIPS throughout the 30 days.

INTERESTED IN JOINING?!  Head over to my FB page and click JOIN!   once you're there TAG A FRIEND to join you and be your accountability partner! The more the merrier!

There is ONE and ONLY ONE requirement to join this challenge… I must be your coach!! You can Officially make me your Team Beachbody coach. 100% free and literally takes about 30 seconds. To make things move smoothly and efficiently, please complete the following steps:
2: IF we are not already friends on Facebook send me a friend request so I can get you added to the group!


**NOTE: If I am already your free coach, all you have to do is click “JOIN” above, I will get you added to the group. If you already have a free membership, and are signed up other another Beachbody coach ask them if they are doing any challenge in the month of Sept… if the coach you were assigned isn’t active and helping you, then no worries, we can get it arranged to have you switched over.

Meal Prep for 21 Day Fix

I have found that eating healthy just doesn't work for me UNLESS I plan ahead and meal prep!! SO today I meal prep!! :D 
***Stuffed Bell Peppers
*** Mini Meatloaves
*** BBQ Chicken (Homemade BBQ sauce)
*** Fresh Fruit & Veggies
*** And of course my Shakeology!  :)

My sister will be getting married in roughly 6 weeks!! That's gives me enough time to do 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix!! My goal by the wedding is 15-20lbs lighter... that's 2.5-3.5lbs a week. It's NOT going to be easy but I AM going to stick with it this time to make it happen!! My day 1 starts TODAY!

Are you ready to commit to make some serio...
us changes in the way you think about eating?? and make the last part of this year your healthiest yet!! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! I'm looking for 10 Ladies who are SERIOUS about getting healthy once and for all!!
> NO counting calories!
> NO counting points!
> NO starving yourself!
Along with working out, 30 min a day, I focus on EATING REAL FOOD for maximum results! Think you might be interested?? Fill out this application and I'll help you find out if this is the right start for you!! :)

Check out Mandy!!!  If she can lose 7.4lbs in 21 Days I can do it too!!  AND SO CAN YOU!!! What are you waiting for?!?!!