Wednesday, September 23, 2015


"Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.... Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with." ~Brian Tracy~
Self-discipline is something I'm starting to work very hard at.... it's NOT easy!!! I have to keep telling myself this, so I thought I'd also share with you all too. smile emoticon IT'S HARD TO FORM NEW, "GOOD" HABITS!!! BUT once you master them they get easier to do without even thinking about it.
Just remember... Everything gets harder before it gets easy!! Keeping going!! It WILL be worth it!!!

10 Things to Focus on when you think about EATING!!

🍴💖 Eat like you L💚VE yourself 💖🍴

10 things to focus on when you think about eating: 

👉 Food is energy
👉 Aim for progress NOT perfection
👉 Eat for energy & performance NOT comfort
👉 DON'T skip meal... Skip sugar & junk instead
👉 Know what nutrition your body needs
👉 Forgive yourself when bad habits take over BUT work on them
👉 Set an example for your family
👉 When it's worth it.. SPLURGE!! Got for it, don't feel bad, & ENJOY!!
👉 When it's worth it.. SPLURGE!! Got for it, don't feel bad, & ENJOY!!
👉 Give yourself TIME to improve

Monday, September 14, 2015

What Motivates YOU??

People ask me that all the time and really it's pretty simple:
1. The fact that I'm not where I want to be yet
2. The fear that if I quit, I'll go back to my old/bad habits and lose everything I've been working for
3. I LOVE seeing other people succeed! And I want to show others that they can do exactly what I'm doing to get to where they want to be!

That's really it! I think about each of those thing EVERYDAY and it makes me want to push harder.  So, I'm really asking, WHAT MOTIVATES YOU??

Invest in YOURSELF!

"Sometimes you have to look back on how far you've come to appreciate where you are now."

Lately, I've been in this 'funk' because I've been obsessing over how for I have to go before I reach my ultimate goal... Sometimes I forget how far I've actually come in 18 months. Sometimes I feel like I could have worked hard and I would be farther along than I am now. BUT then I stop at look back at what/how I used to be.
When I took the pic on the left I was:
~ I hated shopping...
~ I hated looking in the mirror
~ I hated going places where people would 'see' me
~ I cried all the time
~ I felt so insecure and self-conscious
~ I ate EVERYTHING without even thinking about it
~ Tired & Grouchy ALL the time

When I took this pic this morning I thought about how much better I feel about myself, even if I know I've got A LOT of work to do.
~ I feel amazing
~ I feel healthy & strong
~ I'm slowly gaining confidence by the day
~ When I cry now it's mostly because I'm happy
~ I'm very conscious about what I eat... even if it is not so healthy, I at least know how it's affecting me. Plus I know I'm getting tons of nutrition each day I drink my ShakeO
~ Let's be honest I'm still tired and grouchy sometimes, just not as bad or often. ;)

Seriously, if I can come this far I know I can/WILL get to where I want to be AND SO CAN YOU!!! IF YOU are ready to make a change YOU CAN DO IT!!! You've just got to start believing in yourself! I want you to know that I AM HERE TO HELP!! I WANT YOU to get reach your goals too!!
^^^That^^^ being said I am looking for a few ladies WHO WANTS/NEEDS TO LOSE 30+ LBS!!! I am working on a new 12 week support group for those of you who have 30+ lbs to lose and are ready to commit and get SERIOUS results!!

We will be starting Sept 28th… that will get us to the week of Christmas!! Who doesn’t want to go to their family/work Christmas parties and get tons of compliments for looking so good, right!! Plus doing it together will help us get thru the Holidays without gaining weight, which is what usually happens for me!

I want to be able to work with each of you 1X1 so we can really focus on getting you awesome results!! I've had a lot of interest in this already so as of right now I only have 10 more spot available!!!

If you’re interested in more details please fill out this application, (this will help me know exactly what your needs are)… then comment below or shoot me a message letting me know you’ve filled out the form... That way I don’t miss it! Just so you know there are costs involved and I'll go over that with each person... BUT if you're willing to invest in yourself to make a real change let’s do this!!