Sunday, January 31, 2016

12 Week - Love YOUR Bikini Body Challenge

I am probably the worst when it comes to criticizing myself. Yes, even after I've lost 47lbs I'm still self conscious and criticize my body (my progress) every day.... And I'm ready to CHANGE that... I'm ready to finally feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter what I look like....and I am looking for a 20 women want to learn to LOVE their body!!  So, let's work on building our self confidence together in a 12 week group!! 
We'll start by taking care of the ONE and ONLY body we have by committing to eat healthy, exercise, and learn to talk positive to ourselves!! 
We'll start February 22nd and finish mid May.... Just in time show off your confidence and your brand new "bikini" body!!! ;) 
I want to be able to work with each of you 1X1 so we can really focus on building your confidence and getting you awesome results!! SO space is limited!!
I want YOU to learn to love the body you are in, no matter what it looks like on the outside... I want YOU to finally feel comfortable going out this summer in shorts, tanks, or swim suites!!! So, if YOU are ready to make a change, I AM HERE TO HELP!! If you’re interested in more details please mark "GOING" on this event and fill out this application, (this will help me decide which 20 women I will be picking to join me this time around)… then comment below or shoot me a message letting me know you’ve filled out the form... That way I don’t miss it!

***There will be costs involved and I'll go over that with each person. BUT if you are READY to invest in yourself and make a serious change LET'S DO THIS!! :)

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