Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Weigh Your Options

Eating has ALWAYS been the HARDEST thing for me to have control over, especially in the evenings! But we ALL know that eating is the most important part of seeing results in any fitness program.  That's why recently I've started 'weighing my options"..... 
One thing you can do is PAY ATTENTION to how food makes you feel.... You may feel 'good' while you're eating it but how will you feel 20 min or an hour after you eat it?
 Before eating something "bad"  think:
*How will I feel after it's gone?? 
*Is the short term satisfaction you might get worth it???
 *If I don't eat it how will I feel?? 

Keep that Long Term Satisfaction in mind... think about how good you'll feel, how proud of yourself you'll be, how accomplished you'll feel!!! All the MOTIVATION you need is already inside of you!!! Short term satisfaction or Long term satisfaction. ... Which is more important to you???

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