Saturday, April 30, 2016

Are you ready to get SummerSTRONG!?

SUMMER is coming fast!!! This year is flying by already, I can't believe we're in the end of April already!!! That means there's only 7 weeks until Summer!!! 

With the weather being so nice here the last few days it's got me thinking... it's going to be time for shorts, tank tops, and swim suits before we know it!!! Are you ready to shed the winter clothes and start wearing you swimming suit?!!!

This WILL be my most confident summer yet!!! I am determined to make that happen!! I want to feel comfortable in a pair of shorts, tank top or even a bikini!!? What about you?!!

I am looking for 10 women who are READY to get started. Who want to feel good this Summer!

If you are ready to make some serious changes to improve your confidence, mood, and overall health, I want to invite YOU to join us in this challenge!!

Here is what we will be doing:
- Working out, in your own home, for 22 mins a day, 6 days a week
- Following an easy to follow meal plan
- Participating in a group full of other women who are on the same journey as you and supporting each other thru it!
- And of course, getting AMAZING results!!

What will you get:
-A home workout you can do at home in as little as 22 minutes
- Shakeology for 30 days to get you results that much faster (my secret weapon)
- ME as your personal coach
- Access to our Teams VIP group
- An easy to follow meal plan
- Shakeology shaker cup for on the go days
- 30 days of Beachbody on Demand which allow you to try the other programs and stream $3000 worth of workouts from your laptop, phone or tablet!


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