Saturday, May 28, 2016

June Bootcamp for BEGINNERS

Are you ready to FINALLY get started working out and eating healthy but have no idea where to start?? THIS group might be perfect for you!! 

The idea behind this group is to show YOU ways to get a good workout in without feeling overwhelmed with complicated, high intensity workout moves.... We want you to focus on ways you can slowly work yourself up to working out like a pro! ;) 

We will be challenging ourselves to 'go' 30 miles in 30 days! You can walk, jog, run, ride, crawl, or roll but one of your main goals will be to hit 30 miles! Along with that we will provide you with different workout moves you can do to help strengthen different body parts through out these 30 days! 

Who is the ideal person for this group??
>Someone who is extremely new to fitness, has never exercised a day in their life.
>Someone who has a lot of weight to lose and don't know where to begin
>Someone who is older who really wants to work on getting into shape but can't handle starting out with high intensity moves.

If you think this group is right for you click JOIN and I'll message you with details!! OR maybe you know someone who would benefit from a group like this.... INVITE them to join!! And heck invite a friend if you'd like!!


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