Challenge Groups

What is a Challenge Group?

Many people think a challenge group is a group of people that meet up and workout together. While that may sound fun and all, that is NOT the case.

A Challenge Group is a small, exclusive group committed to getting healthy by participating in the same or similar Beachbody workout programs. I create a private Facebook page for the group members. Everyone in the group helps and motivates each other to achieve their health and fitness goals by sharing tips, accountability, and results.  It is a team committed to success. The group is 100% online and secret from everyone outside of the group. There is NO physical communication or interaction among members. It is strictly online.


This is the basis of why challenge groups exist and are so important! Without the accountability and support of others going through the same battles, a person has a tendency to give up long before reaching their goals.

Ready to join a challenge group!?     Fill out the below application and I will contact you via email to help get you started!!  :)   ( )


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